Steps To Take After A Slip And Fall Injury

If you happen to slip and fall down because of the negligence in caring for the flooring people walk on in a public location, you likely want to seek compensation to pay for your medical bills. There are several actions to take right away to ensure you retain proper proof to back up your claim. Here are some steps to follow immediately after an injury occurs.

Contact Emergency Services

Do not attempt to wait it out and see if an injury goes away on its own after a slip and fall injury. If you fail to receive medical help, not only could symptoms become worse, but you also risk not having your injury be seen as credible when you go to court to speak up about your case. Contact 911 and be sure to follow your doctor's orders exactly as they are given. Be sure to ask for detailed documentation pertaining to your injury so you can hand it over to your personal injury attorney for evaluation.

Take Photographs Or Video

The flooring or ground in question may not have been maintained properly, causing your slip and fall injury to occur. To prove that the area where you had become injured was compromised, photo or video evidence is necessary. Most people carry a cell phone with picture-taking capabilities. Make sure to not only get evidence of the floor or ground but also any objects in the immediate area where you got hurt. You may capture evidence of cleaning agents, tools, or hazards that were pushed out of the way before you walked into the area.

Find Out If Anyone Saw The Event

If there were other people in the area where your slip and fall incident happened, ask them to provide you with their phone numbers so your attorney can contact them after you receive medical treatment. They may have seen something in the vicinity of the fall that contributed to your slippage. They will also be able to alert the lawyer about the condition of the walking area to back up your claim of an improper walking surface for the public.

Have The Area Monitored

Ask someone close to you to visit the area where you had fallen to find out if any changes were made to the walking area. If so, ask them to take photographs to prove that the owner of the land had made efforts to make changes to protect others, but also to possibly make it appear as if the walking area was never compromised. These photos would be useful for your court case.

For more information, contact personal injury attorneys near you.

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