Who Should Be Held Accountable In Automobile Accidents Caused By Wrong Signaling

A competent driver should know all the signals to use on the road. More so, they should be able to use them to direct and advise other drivers on the action they want to take. Hence, a driver who fails to signal and causes an accident should be held liable for the resulting injuries and damages. So, if you were involved in an accident because the other driver did not signal correctly, an auto accident lawyer can help you sue them and get compensation. Here is what you need to know about liability in such claims.

Does the Other Motorist Have a Duty to Signal?

All drivers have the legal duty to make signals and inform other road users what they intend to do. For example, your indicator lights should be on when turning either right or left. Also, your hazard lights should be on when reversing. Other typical signals include your hand gestures when turning left and right. Additionally, you should signal at a good distance before you make the turn. For example, you should signal that you are changing lanes at least a few yards beforehand. In this case, your signals will allow other motorists to process what you are communicating and act accordingly.

What Compensation Do You Get?

It is crucial to figure out how much you can ask for in case of a claim involving signals. The good news is that an auto accident lawyer will start the case by finding out what compensatory damages you might be owed by the other motorist. In such a case, these might include the repair and replacement of vehicles, the cost of medical care, and lost wages. More so, the lawyer will gather all your evidence to see how much it might get you in compensatory damages. The court might also award punitive damages if the at-fault driver also violated a gross traffic rule or was intoxicated.

Is It Necessary to Have a Lawyer?

Having an auto accident lawyer when handling a case caused by failure to give a signal is crucial. This is because their experience will help you navigate the complexities of the case and present the needed evidence to win. They will also help you deal with insurers and get the settlement you deserve.

The best way to handle claims connected to poor signaling is to involve an auto accident attorney. With their help, you can build a solid case, present it, and prove that the other motorist was negligent. For more information, contact an auto accident attorney near you.

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