When A Workers' Compensation Lawyer Is A Necessity

Workers' compensation insurance may not always provide hurt workers with the benefits they need. When workers need help with their claims, they turn to workers' compensation lawyers.

Workers' compensation lawyers understand the rights of hurt workers and assist them in getting the benefits they deserve. Here are some examples of what a workers' compensation lawyer can do for hurt workers denied their benefits.

Be Informed About Workers' Compensation Rights

Many hurt workers are unsure about what to do when they are turned down for benefits or they disagree with a workers' compensation decision. Each state has a board that oversees workers' compensation issues. Some federal laws also protect hurt workers. A lawyer knows what steps you can take when a problem arises and can assist in taking that step. For example, hurt workers may be entitled to a second opinion after an independent medical examination (IME). A lawyer can help arrange for that examination if the worker disagrees with a decision.

Know About Your Medical Care Rights

Hurt workers are entitled to medical care after an injury or illness. The doctor that treats the hurt worker is empowered to refer the worker to specialists if necessary. A worker that feels they are not receiving good medical care needs help with their situation and a workers' compensation lawyer is familiar with how medical benefits work.

Expect Compensation

If the workers' compensation doctor orders the worker to remain at home because of the injury, they should be paid a partial salary during that time. However, some workers have trouble getting paid on time or the correct amount. Workers' compensation lawyers can work together with the insurer to correct problems with disability pay.

Get Legal Representation

In some cases, a workers' compensation case will need to be appealed. The process can be complex, however. A workers' compensation lawyer can help hurt workers be prepared to undergo a deposition, participate in mediation, and appear at workers' comp hearings.

Get Paid What Your Deserve

If the worker ends up with a permanent injury, a workers' compensation lawyer will help the worker determine how much money is owed to them. They help workers with their settlements all the time and know what is common and what the settlement sums are based on. They will negotiate with the workers' compensation insurer to get the worker the right amount of money for their permanent injury.

Speak to a workers' compensation lawyer for more information.

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