Workers' Compensation: Know Your Level

After a work-related injury or an occupational illness, workers' compensation may kick in and supply the worker with certain benefits. It's important for the hurt worker to know what to expect because, just like healing from an accident, workers' compensation insurance practices are more of a process than a single event. Read on and find out about the various levels of workers' compensation and what each one means.

The Injury and Reporting

This initial level involves, first and foremost, seeking medical attention. As soon as possible, go to a doctor and get treated. Follow the doctor's orders and stay home from work if told to do so. In the meantime, let your direct boss know about your injury and make sure they file a workers' compensation claim with the insurer in a timely manner. You cannot move on to the next level without an approved claim.

Recuperation at Home

Workers' compensation insurance is meant for injuries that are relatively severe. That means most hurt workers will be given some time off to recover at home. While they are not earning a salary, workers' compensation insurance will pay the workers a certain percentage of their salary. The amount varies by state but it's never at the same level they are accustomed to getting. A big benefit of workers' compensation, however, is the employee can receive medical care, free of charge. That includes medication, tests, surgeries, doctor's visits, and more.

Back to Work or a Settlement

Many hurt workers will regain their health and return to their previous job. For them, their workers' compensation experience is over. However, some hurt workers are not ready to go back to work, and they may never be able to do so. The workers' compensation insurer may order the worker to be examined to determine what is going on with their injuries. In many cases, the worker is determined to have permanent injuries that prevent them from returning to their previous position.

Workers ruled to have permanent injuries may be at the top level of their workers' compensation experience, but not always. If you disagree with any workers' compensation ruling, you should speak to a workers' compensation attorney about what to do next. If you are offered a settlement and you are not sure about the amount you should be paid, speak to a lawyer and let them negotiate with the insurer to get you paid what you deserve. Some workers must rise to an additional level and go through a series of appeals before they are paid. Speak to a workers' compensation lawyer near you to find out more.

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