Steps To Take If You Are The Victim Of Employment Discrimination

Being discriminated against at your workplace because of your race, age, sex, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity is against the law, and an employer can get in a lot of trouble legally when discrimination happens in the workplace. If you are being discriminated against for a reason that is against the law, it is important to take action. It can be hard to speak up, but no one deserves to be the target of discrimination when he or she just wants to go to work each day and do his or her job. Take the following steps if you are being discriminated against at work:

Collect Evidence

While being discriminated against in the workplace is against the law, that doesn't mean that you can file a report because you suspect discrimination or feel strongly about it. For example, if you think that your supervisor doesn't like you, you can't report it as discrimination based on your feelings. In order to file a discrimination complaint, it is very important to have solid evidence to present. When you are discriminated against at work, make sure that you document exactly what happened, along with the date and time of the incident. If anyone witnesses the incidence, make sure that you note that so they can be called upon if needed.

Report to the HR Department

After you have collected evidence and have proof of discrimination, you need to file an official complaint with your company's HR department. Because employment discrimination is against the law, your company's HR department will be obligated to investigate your claim. If the evidence that you present is substantiated, your employer will be responsible to remedy the situation; this typically involves terminating the person who was responsible for the discrimination. In some cases, companies do not follow the proper procedure when it comes to dealing with employment discrimination — if you are in this situation, you will need to escalate the issue.

Contact an Employment Discrimination Lawyer

When your employer does not follow the proper procedures to deal with a discrimination issue, or they do not take your complaint seriously, it is in your best interest to consult an employment discrimination lawyer like those at Hager Law LLC. An employment discrimination lawyer will review your evidence and the facts of your case and then make suggestions. Sometimes, having a lawyer contact your employer will convince them to remedy the situation. If they do not, your employment discrimination lawyer can file a lawsuit on your behalf. 

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