What You Need To Know About A Hiring Criminal Defense Lawyer

Hiring a criminal defense lawyer is an important job, but it takes more than simply looking for someone who offers good rates and locally-based representation. Criminal defense attorneys often approach matters from different angles, and it's wise to be clear about how one will handle your case before retaining counsel. Once you've obtained a consultation, you should keep a few key factors in mind:

Fields of Practice

Before you get too far into a consultation, you'll want to learn whether a lawyer has handled cases similar to yours before. Some criminal defense attorneys are generalists, while other may address specific types of charges, such as violations of drug, DUI, or gun laws.


The idea of hiring an experienced lawyer may seem appealing, but you'll also want to consider the pros of hiring someone younger. Criminal defense attorneys who are fresh out of school are more familiar with recent developments, such as new legal precedents.

To Fight or Negotiate

You don't want to get too far into a case and find out that your attorney sees the case quite differently than you do. During the hiring process, you and any lawyer you're looking to hire should be clear about your goals.

If an attorney wants to negotiate with the prosecution while you wish to go to trial, try to get a sense of why that is. You should, however, be prepared to be convinced to change your approach to your case. The majority of cases are either thrown out in the preliminary phases or negotiated to a plea between criminal defense attorneys and prosecutors.


You don't want to be surprised by the cost of counsel as a case moves forward. It's wise to learn in advance how a criminal defense practice bills its clients.

Will you be charged a flat fee or an hourly rate? How will the services of outside specialists be billed? Be clear about any cost concerns during your first consultation.

How Many

You shouldn't assume that you'll be represented by a large number of criminal defense attorneys, even if you go to a large practice. It's important to be clear about how many people will be handling your case.

You should also ask questions about how the firm prefers to use paralegals. The personal attention of a lawyer tends to cost more, but it may be beneficial if you're dealing with critical filings in a case.

For more information about preparing your criminal defense, contact the experts at Nelson Fromer & Crocco Law Offices.

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