Anxiety & Social Security Disability Claims

Mental illness can range from challenging to devastating, and diagnosis does not necessarily mean that you will receive the help you need in dealing with it. Diagnosing anxiety so that you can receive Social Security benefits can be a challenge in itself.

How can you prove that your anxiety makes you worthy of Social Security benefits? Filing a claim is never simple, but legal assistance can make doing so much simpler. Here's what you need to know to get started.

What Anxiety Qualifies for Social Security Benefits?

Several types of anxiety qualify you for Social Security benefits. You may qualify if you have generalized anxiety disorder, phobias, panic disorder, or post-traumatic stress disorder. The key component is that the condition must influence your ability to work.

Receiving an Anxiety Diagnosis

The first step in the process of receiving Social Security benefits is ot receive a diagnosis for your anxiety-related condition. In order to do this, you must demonstrate symptoms of the condition that include restlessness, irritability, muscle tension, difficulty concentrating, fatigue, and sleep issues. These symptoms must appear as a pattern in your life.

You must also demonstrate impairments in your ability to function in the workplace. Functional impairments must have interfered with your ability to work on a substantial basis. For instance, your condition may cause you to forget important on-the-job information or cause you not to use the information correctly. Anxiety might also prevent you from interacting with others at work or to maintain the right pace.

Receiving Social Security Benefits

When you apply for benefits through Social Security, you must present a history of treatment by a medical professional for your anxiety. You will be assigned a specialist by the Social Security administration. The process includes an interview and perhaps a mental examination. The process can take several months, but it may provide the evidence necessary to help you receive benefits you deserve.

If you are denied benefits for anxiety, you are not alone. The subjective nature of the condition means that many people are initially denied. A Social Security disability lawyer understands that you deserve access to treatment for your condition. If left untreated, anxiety can worsen significantly, impacting relationships, work, education, and other mental health conditions.

Legal assistance allows you to achieve your goals. Whether your claims are denied or you are simply looking for help getting started on the process, you should get in touch with a social security disability lawyer service today.

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