5 Things To Keep In Mind If You Are Involved In A Parking Lot Accident

Not all accidents happen out on the open road; in fact, many accidents happen in parking lots. Here are five things you need to keep in mind if you are involved in a parking lot accident.

#1 Stay Calm & Stick To The Facts

When you are hit in a parking lot when you are out and about, it is easy to feel frustrated that your day has been delayed by an accident. However, you should not take out your frustration on the other driver. You don't need to get into an argument with the other driver just because your vehicle is damaged.

All you need to do in regards to the other driver is exchange legal names, phone numbers or email addresses, and insurance information. You don't need to get into a yelling match nor do you need to express remorse and apologize. Keep it simple and stick to the facts.

#2 Always Call The Police

Even if your vehicle didn't sustain that much damage, you should always call the police. Calling up the police helps formalize what happened. It also provides you with evidence down the line of the condition of both vehicles, the drivers and all passengers.

You don't want to fail to call the police, only to later face a lawsuit alleging that the other party was seriously injured when you know that is not what happened. Having a police report helps solidify the truth of what happened.

#3 Locate Witnesses

Before you leave the parking lot, see if you can find any witnesses to the accident. If you find any witnesses, be sure to ask and see if you can get their name as well as a way to get in touch with them. Then, follow up and have your lawyer get a statement from the witnesses as soon as possible about what they saw and where each vehicle was located. Getting statements sooner, rather than later, when the accident is fresh in the witnesses minds, can be helpful.

#4 Take Detailed Pictures

Even the most basic cell phone has the capacity to take pictures. If you don't have a cell phone, you should always keep a disposable camera in your vehicle for the purpose of taking pictures. You are going to want to take pictures of where both cars are located before they are moved as well as what the road and conditions look like in the direction you were both driving. Be sure to establish the entire scene as well as take detailed pictures of the damage, debris and any skid marks.

#5 Figure Out Who Is At Fault

If possible, figure out which of you was at-fault or if you were equally at fault before calling your insurance company. This can make the process a little simpler and cut down on fighting over who is at fault. If one of you were entering the line of traffic, such as backing up into traffic or turning into traffic, you would be at fault. 

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