Did A Chiropractor Injure You? What To Know

Did you see a chiropractor for some type of back or neck pain, and now the pain is so severe that you can't walk, drive, or even work? If you trusted the chiropractor to use their knowledge and expertise to help relieve your pain, but in reality they have put you out of work and stopped you from living your normal life, you need legal representation.

There are a lot of different things that could have happened when the chiropractor was working on you, and it's important to know that they have to take responsibility for what they did. Prepare the following for your meeting with a lawyer.

Past and Current X-Rays or Images

Do you have x-rays from before you had the treatments done by the chiropractor? If so, you want these, and then you want to have new ones taken so you can compare how the body looks and to see what is wrong. Your physician may be able to order an x-ray so they can diagnose your current problem and to get you the treatment you need.

New Medical Bills

Compile a list of the new medical bills you have to pay and worry about, because you need new treatment and care for the injury that the chiropractor inflicted on you. This should be all appointments, image testing, and any braces or medical equipment you've needed to purchase to help deal with the injury.

Lost Wages

Are you taking sick time, medical leave, or did you have to quit your job? If any of these things happened, or if you are just missing work without getting any pay, you may be able to get compensated back for your lost wages. It isn't fair that you have no way to work or support yourself because of what the chiropractor did to you. A list of these losses should be included for your appointment.

Once you sit down with your own personal injury attorney and tell them about the situation with the chiropractor, they can look at the evidence to let you know if you'll be able to take the chiropractor to court. If there is a lot of strong evidence in your favor, and the lawyer thinks you can easily be compensated for the all the physical and mental damage you've had to deal with, the chiropractor may decide they want to settle the problem out of court. You can click here for info about this topic.

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