3 Signs You Need A Car Accident Attorney For Your Insurance Claim

Getting into a car accident is never fun for anyone. You have to worry about getting your car repaired, avoiding raising insurance costs, and any medical needs you may have encountered as a result of a fender bender or more major accident. While your insurance company should be extremely helpful in assisting you in filing a claim and getting the funds you need to get back to your normal life (and behind the wheel of your vehicle again), there may be times when you need legal intervention by way of an attorney. Here are three signs you need a car accident attorney for your insurance claim.  

You are being blamed for the accident

If you are in a vehicle accident and it wasn't your fault, you should be able to file your claim for restitution flawlessly, even if the accident did not involve another person. Insurance companies look at the factors that led into an accident, however, to determine how much they should pay out to the injured party or their vehicle and if they find you to blame for your accident, you could be out the money you need. If yours or another party's insurance company is trying to put you at fault for your accident, you need to hire a car accident attorney to fight your case for you, prove your lack of liability in the cause, and get you the funds you need.

Your claim is taking too long

The longer it takes for your insurance company (or the other party's insurance company if it was a multi-car accident) to file your claim, the longer it takes to get the money you need for medical bills and car repairs or replacement. There are many reasons why insurance would slow down a claim, including trying to find the true value of the vehicle or challenging your medical needs. A car accident attorney can carefully watch your claim to make sure all paperwork is being filed fairly and timely so you can get the money you need right away.

Your settlement is unfair

Car insurance companies may try to limit the amount of restitution you get, claiming the value of your vehicle or the extent of your injuries or loss of work time isn't what it really is. This can leave you with a settlement that is lower than you need to get the repairs and healthcare you need. A car accident attorney like Salerno & Associates will review the settlement and counter it with a more fair amount so you don't end up paying costs out of pocket that you shouldn't by right have to.

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