Tips for Protecting Your Rights After Being Injured in a Store

When you visit a store to shop, you will expect the environment to be safe. Unfortunately, it is a reality that some business owners will be neglectful when it comes to ensuring that their business is safe for customers. When you have the misfortune of being injured due to a business failing to provide a safe environment, you will want to use these tips to keep your legal case as strong as possible.

Request an Accident Report to Be Prepared

Having an accident report for the incident can be a vital step in ensuring that your case is as strong as possible. As long as your injuries allow it, you will want to make sure that you request an accident report be prepared. Furthermore, you should observe whether there are security cameras that were able to capture the incident. While you may feel awkward when this report is being prepared, it can prove instrumental in allowing your attorney to effectively represent your side of the case.

Avoid Admitting Fault

Immediately after the accident, it can be tempting to apologize. While you may consider this an act of being polite, it can have serious ramifications on the strength of your case. This is due to the fact that apologizing can be construed as you admitting at least partial fault for the accident occurring.

In addition to resisting apologizing to the store owner or manager, you should also avoid any language that would incriminate yourself when the store's insurance contacts you. These professionals will often attempt to trick or goad individuals into admitting responsibility so the claim can be denied or paid at a lower rate. It is generally wise advice to have any questions from the insurance company be directed to your attorney so that you can be protected against misleading questions.

Promptly Seek Medical Care

Following an accident in a store, many people may be hesitant about seeking medical care because they assume that they are not seriously hurt. Yet, some injuries can take days to show the full extent of the symptoms. Delays in seeking medical care may compromise your claim as it will be more difficult to prove that the injuries resulted from the incident in the store. For example, the defense may be able to argue that your injuries occurred due to another incident or accident that is unrelated to the events that occurred in the store. By promptly being evaluated by a doctor, you can help to create a firm document trail that links your injuries to the incident in question.

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